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Elements The World Could Run Out Of - Grunge

At the current moment, there are plenty of discussions of resources that the world may be running out of. The usual suspects when it comes to those limited resources are typically things like oil, coal, or natural gas — non-renewable energy sources with controversial long-term effects on the environment. But there are other potential shortages that most people likely don't take into consideration, and which, rather ironically, might sometimes be caused by the shifts away from those non-renewable fuels.Just what are those surprisingly limited resources? Well, they're some of the elements on the good old periodic table.

The Dark Truth About America's Deadly Steamboat Races - Grunge

When you think about people racing fast vehicles, the first image to come to mind might be fancy sports cars. Motorcycles or planes might be on that short list, too. But back in the mid-19th century, there was a very different (yet equally dangerous) form of vehicular competition: steamboat racing. Steamboats in general were a really big deal around the turn of the 19th century, first being seen in the late 1780s and emerging as a new and viable form of transport as the 1800s rolled around.

Crown Jewels That Mysteriously Went Missing - Grunge

Most of the time, when you hear the term "crown jewel," it seems to be in reference to the treasures kept by the British royal family, used and worn for special occasions like coronations. Really, though, it can also be used as a bit of a broader term, referring to valuables in the possession of a nation's royal family. In that case, you'd probably assume that the crown jewels are always kept behind lock and key, completely impossible to get at for anyone who isn't a mythical master thief.

The Egyptian God Of Death, Anubis, Explained - Grunge

Death is a scary concept — that's a viewpoint that most people can understand, if not explicitly agree with. In its own way, it's also a difficult thing to fully comprehend, no matter what age you might be. So it makes a lot of sense that various different belief systems across different regions and across different times would have some way of explaining death and whatever may come after. Ancient mythologies are no different in that regard.

The Dark Realities Of Gender Reveal Parties - Grunge

You've probably at least heard of gender reveal parties. You know, those celebrations wherein expectant parents learn about the biological sex of their baby, often complete with some sort of visual display coated with either pink or blue. Sometimes, these things are quiet affairs, the message conveyed with a colorful cake or a couple of balloons. But other times, these parties are quite extravagant displays, involving smoke cannons, fireworks, planes, and plenty of other ridiculous props.

Whatever Happened To The Scientists Of Operation Paperclip? - Grunge

On the surface, the story of the end of World War II seems pretty straightforward. You know, the invasion of Normandy and D-Day, the Allied forces beating back the Axis powers, the end of the Holocaust and the eventual surrender of Nazi Germany — all of that. It's a rather well-known story, one that seems like your old-fashioned narrative of good triumphing over evil. But when you look at the wider historical context, things get a little more confusing.

Animals That Have Gone Extinct In The Past Decade - Grunge

When you think about extinctions, the species that first come to mind might be those from long in the past. You know, woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, dinosaurs in general — the usual suspects. Here's the thing though: extinction doesn't really work that way. It's not a thing that belongs only in the past. On the contrary, it's always been — and still remains — a problem, with multiple species being declared extinct each year.

Opera Nazionale Balilla: Fascist Italy's Version Of The Hitler Youth - Grunge

Adolf Hitler. Nazis. Fascism. World War II. You'd be pretty hard-pressed to find someone who wasn't familiar with all of those terms. After all, it's tough to forget what was happening in Germany in the 1930s and '40s. However, when it comes to fascism in the early 20th century, Germany wasn't the only country embracing that ideology; for that matter, it wasn't even the first. For that, you'd have to look to Italy and its fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini.

The Disastrous Flight Of KAL Flight 007: A Tragedy Of The Cold War - Grunge

The Cold War was full of tragedies; it's hard to refute that. Between active military confrontations and other incidents that affected civilian populations, there's quite the fair share of grief to go around. Similarly, though, the Cold War also gave rise to no small number of mysteries — the spy missions and gadgets of the time speak for themselves, sounding more like works of fiction than history.

The Worst Nuclear Disasters Throughout History - Grunge

When you hear talk of nuclear disasters – you know, the sorts of stories that often get used to warn people away from investing into nuclear energy – it's always the same ones that get mentioned. But there are more incidents involving nuclear power and radioactive sources than the forever-infamous explosion at Chernobyl, for example. It's not like every single brush with nuclear power leads to something being blown sky high, though.
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