Short Fiction

Creative writing samples

One Little Pill

Just one little pill. That’s all they’d said — or, at least, that’s what the man with the kind eyes and the warm, brown suit had said. Just take this one little pill and stay in the office overnight, and he’d be able to make all those gambling debts go right away. My partner wouldn’t even need to know they’d ever existed; everything could go back to the way things were, before all the secrets and the lies and the late nights away, trying to find more money than I’d ever seen. No more days spent dreading the moment when enough would be enough and the ruse would fall apart and take our relationship with it. All because the cards had refused to fall right on the table on a night or two or three.

Old Habits

Old habits die hard, but people could always change.

At least, that was how Silas Morgan chose to think of it. Helped him explain away how his life had gone. Sure, being born in the Borderlands hadn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but he’d done what he could to move past what life had dumped in his lap. An absent father, every opportunity to become some low-brow criminal, whispers of rising crime syndicates – he’d had all that, started down the road that’d been laid ahead of him, but eventually backtracked hard enough that he’d somehow gotten a taste of the City Proper. Not necessarily the sparkly streets and silver spoons of the Inner City, but more than the slums of the Borderlands.

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